Friday, April 26, 2013

4/26 Edgar Road, Central Office, Edgar Road

I started the day at the volunteer breakfast at Edgar Road.

Spent the day at Central Office, we met as a coordinator team and discussed:

  • Curriculum template
  • Progress made and examples from every area of Essentials and scales
  • determined some common beliefs
  • I revised the K12 units I completed and the corresponding templates
At 3 I went back over to Edgar Road to:
  • Called around to find a space for a 5/7 meeting space
  • Prep for K-5 SS facilitator meeting, made agenda, copies, and presentation:

  • Sent email about NGSS division for Wednesday
  • Sent reminder to SS facilitators
  • Sent payment form to Science facilitators
  • Made MS SS folders
  • Recorded this video about How to sign up for Elementary Science Kits

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