Friday, April 19, 2013

4/18 Bristol, Edgar Road, Mystery Skype, 7th Grade Science

Saw Kindergarten
where we watched a story using

Stopped by 1st grade where their walking field trip to the "HUB" bicycle company was canceled due to weather.  They were enjoying some VERY dated Dare videos.

I then went to another Kindergarten room, we:
  • practiced our numbers and the date
  • went to station time
  • I played a math game where kids used blocks to count and subtract
  • I played in the technology station
  • I downloaded a learned how to play SpyMouseHD

I saw some great math activities in 2nd grade and helped a student through some tough two digit addition and subtraction.  It was hard for me too!

I watched a little of the WWII video in 5th grade

Saw a probability workshop in another 5th grade room.

I then went to music to play some drums and learn some music.  Here's what we played!

I then left and went over to Edgar Road when I arrived I found a corner of my office flooded.

I helped set up Skype for an interview tomorrow.

I Watched a Mystery Skype in 3rd grade.  Each kid had a job and was at a station:
 We skyped with students and asked only "Yes" or "No" questions.
 We had a backchannel discussion using todaysmeet to ask more detailed or follow up questions:
Used google maps and google Earth to eventually find their town!

Attended the 7th grade Science Meeting after school, where we discussed:
  • Glassware
  • Vertical Team
  • Summer Work
  • NGSS

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