Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/15 7th Science, WGHS, ETA, Vertical Team, Office Night

Started the day at Bread Co. Meeting with 7th Grade Science to plan summer work.

At 8:00 was at WGHS for a meeting with assistant principal to discuss learning goals and progress at the high school.

Worked in CO for a couple hours making copies and planning SS vertical team

Attended ETA Banquet

Came back to Central Office to facilitate the Social Studies Vertical Team Meeting, Notes below:

1.     Check in
2.     Gallery Walk
3.     Commonalities
a.     Missing intentional wording for students of other cultures/backgrounds (windows and mirrors)
b.     Change list and identify to higher order thinking skills at an earlier grade level.
c.      Third grade seems to be when kids transition to demonstrating learning “on their own”
d.     Noticed Primary Source documents but only in higher-elementary school
e.     How much of the wording is transferrable for the High School?
f.      What build and changed each grade level was a huge help to LA
g.     What is expected of teachers to post?
h.     Length of the objective or goal should be manageable.  Keep in mind audience and length of task.
4.     Marzano website resources helpful
5.     Goals
a.     Saw a lot of compare/contrast
b.     Seems to be a little spiraling of content
c.      Argument is big in CCSS that has been missing at Elementary level
6.     Vertical Workspace
a.     Horizontal seems to be working
b.     Continuing to push on grade level as a PLC
c.      K-12 meeting is a good thing periodically
7.     Needs
a.     Reaction to CCSS analyzing Primary resource documents
b.     How to help struggling readers
c.      Literacy objectives are specific to needs
d.     There are things that need to be discussed and analyzed about what we teach, when we teach it (Be intentional about scope and sequence)

Wrap up 4:50

After the meeting went back over to Edgar Road to clean up the office and wrap up the day

Checked out:

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