Monday, May 4, 2015

5/4 ERS

Started the day welcoming students and teachers into the school day.

Met with 4th grade teacher regarding summer work

Answered emails

Recorded Monday Memo for the community.

Met with 1st grade teachers regarding sections.

Met with Teacher's Aides regarding positions

Met with counselor and building principal about class rosters.

Met with 5th grade student

Met with Science kit coordinator about:
  • Science kit schedule for next year
  • materials list on MYSCI vs. what we have.

Drafted email to Science facilitators:
Hey Team,

After meeting with John and cross referencing our budget numbers, it does NOT appear as though we will be able to institute the My Sci kits.  The My Sci program is asking for $65,000 a year to provide this program for our district.  Needless to say, we can’t swing that.

So, what’s our next step:
1.  I’m working with the My Sci team to come up with an alternative. (we’re meeting on 5/11)
2.  Mary Ann is inventorying the My Sci kits to determine what’s in them that we have and what we would need to purchase to make our own
3.  Mary Ann and I are working on creating WG versions of My Sci kits
4.  I’m expanding the pilot and offering the MySci kits to more classrooms next year in transition.
5.  Mary Ann and I are working on a kit schedule that makes the most use of the resources we have and the new “kits”
6.  I’m hoping for some inspiration that would provide clarity to what teachers want.  Options could include:
  • Kits at the school to be used when needed
  • Kits for every classroom (expensive dream)
  • A small partial kit for every classroom with essentials and a check out system for larger materials.
  • A kit schedule determined for teachers at first, then as we invest in more kits a sign up form being offered
  • Teachers drafting a schedule for their year and then we build kits from that schedule.
  • Another solution I haven’t though of yet….

All in all I think we are doing what’s best for our kids and what’s best for the financial future of our district.  I’m excited for what we’ll create!

Stay tuned to more info!  Questions? Send them my way!

Supervised dismissal

After School attended IDEA meeting at Central Office.

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