Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/29 678 Articulation Meeting, WGHS

Started the day with the 6th, 7th, and 8th teachers focusing on articulation of content across grade levels.

We started with why we were there:

  • To discuss what MS SS will "Look like"
  • To ensure logical continuity to a storyline
  • To be influenced by the CCSS
  • To catch up to the "Jones'" in revitalizing our curriculum and content.

How we were going to work together:

  • Discussed ROPES expectations
  • Collaborative
  • emphasis on not everyone "getting their way"
  • Not a "land grab"

What will the result be:

  • Time is up and we have to go back to school.
  • Some common agreement on 678 looks like
  • understanding that we aren't "DONE" but we're on our way.

We made comments about K-5 articulation such as:

  • Noted the clarity of the K-5 story was good and seemed logical.
  • Emphasis on Native American in 2nd grade probably won't be "enough" and to continue to story in 5th.
  • 5th grade starts at Native Americans and moves up through civil war.
  • 3rd grade City/Local government would give opportunity to discuss City of Webster Groves and tell the multicultural story.

We discusses the High School's articulation such as:

  • World geography and US government (EOC exam) in 9th grade
  • 10th grade World/Ancient history
  • 11th grade US history

We landed here for 6-8 articulation (today, with the understanding that we will adjust moving forward):

NOTE: Emphasis as we move forward should be on recognizing the perspective from which we're telling the story.  Noted conversations about multiculturalism and diversity is key.

Worked on and finished 3rd grade science curriculum drafts.

Finished 3rd grade Curriculum for science

After school went over to Avery to plan 3/27 field trip to City Hall

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