Monday, December 9, 2013

12/9 Hixson, Hudson, WGHS, Central Office, WGHS

Started the day meeting with 7th grade socials studies teacher.  We discussed the curriculum draft process and developing a meeting to iron our location of content in middle school.  As a result I reached out to building principals.

Afterwords I went to 8th grade science.  There students gave presentations on the experiments they designed.  Images here:

Packed up quad beam balances and drove them over to Hudson.

Dropped of 12 balances to Hudson for use in 5th grade science class.

Headed to WGHS.  Met with Coordinators to Plan January 30th Staff development.  Notes and details here:

Headed over to Central Office to meet with Assistant Supt.  We planned out the January 6th Staff development day and visioned an Edcamp Style session offering.

Back to WGHS to:
  • advertise SS vertical team
  • reach out to 3rd grade and 6th grade regard Force and Motion Assessments
  • email Hixson regarding the 17th Hixson coordinator day
Headed home to:

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