Friday, December 13, 2013

12/13 WGHS, Bristol, Edgar Road, WGHS

Started the Day at Coordinator meeting

Headed over to Bristol to meet with 2nd Grade regards Science and Social Studies changes.

Afterwords, headed over to Edgar Road to judge their winter Bulletin Boards. Here are couple of my favs:

Headed back over to WGHS to:

Watch this film:

Sent email update to Flip PD people.  The email included:
  • We're all set to meet on January 7th, you should all have received an email calendar invite.  
  • I have worked out all the details the Techsmith and have secured all the codes for the software.  Just so you know it was ALL donated.  That's $300 per code x 17 codes = $5100 saved!
  • At this first meeting we will be planning all the other meeting dates.

  • We will have vouchers to reward you for your commitment to education and taking a risk.
  • I'm finalizing how many classes we can pay you for.
  • We've secured at least 1 day of paid summer work to record your videos.  I'm sure you'll work more than that.
Have 3 minutes?  

Exercise in Transparency:
Here's what I think we'll be discovering/learning about in each of our sessions: 
(these are all in draft form so please feel free to comment, add, take away, etc.)

Class 1:
Getting to know you
KWL re: Flipping
Orientation to G+

Class 2:
Experts in flipping hangout (bringing in the best of the best for us to video chat and ask clarifying questions)
Flipping "versions"
What's year 1 for me, what's my progression? Where do I go next?

Class 3:
All about McGee...How did I use it in my 6th grade science class?
Watch and critique a video
Classroom procedures that changed
Progression to implementation - What's your path?

Class 4:
Structures and systems that exist to support you:
Crazy for Education
Google forms
Crazy for Education

Summer work:
Orientation to Software
Recording videos
Classroom procedures

Next School Year:
Class 5:
Check in - How's it going?
Supporting the transition
What happens when they don't watch the video?

Class 6:
Check in - How's it going?
Supporting the transition
Robust Assessment

Class 7:
Check in - How's it going?
Supporting the transition
Classroom activities

Class 8:
Check in - How's it going?
Supporting the transition

Eval and KWL revisit

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