Monday, September 30, 2013

9/29 WGCO, Hudson, WGHS

STarted the day at the Values meeting at Central Office.  We discussed the Core values of the district and proposed a solution moving forward in the Strategic Planning process.

Afterwords went over to Hudson.

Teachers signed up for times on a google document HERE

I met with 3rd grade to outline what we would want in a field trip. Ideas included:
Hudson and one Avery Morning 
3 Avery classes

People/Stations we'd like:
Parks person
Streets person
Police and Fire
Planning and zoning
Finance - (maybe the assessor)
City Manager
Public works

Lunch Plan?

Extra station for possibly a tour of police/fire or Journaling/running

I drafted an agenda for Social Studies vertical Team:

and a proposed alignment for 6-8th grade Social Studies

After Hudson I went back over to WGHS to:
  • Print resources and gather folders for Vertical Team
  • Draft 5th grade Science learning goals

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